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Marketing & Communication Consultancy

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Creation & Management of Wine Events

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A few projects:


2020 | Wines of Portugal

2015 | Wines from Martinborough / New Zealand

2012/2018 |  Wines of Brasil



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Since 2012 – The Wine Agency has been supporting individual wineries or groups of wineries in various marketing and communication fields including: definition of strategy, events, communication, design, POS material, social media, business matching and export strategy.

The Wine Agency uses its contacts and partners all over the world to provide the best service

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For several years, the path of The Wine Agency has blended with JK Marketing, founded by Judy Kendrick. Together, they achieved the highest recognition in the wine trade (winning several awards), created and managed innovative and effective wine events.

Wines Unearthed was created in 2015 by Judy Kendrick and Ana Sofia Oliveira. This event, inside the London Wine Fair, helps, on average, 100 international wine producers per year to find distribution in the UK.

In 2017, The Wine Agency and JK Marketing started a collaboration with the Specialist Importers Trade Tasting – SITT, created by JK Marketing in 2005 and now owned by Agile Media. SITT was re-branded and its concept was revamped.


Judy and Ana are a formidable duo and it is hard to believe they can achieve so much with just the two of them.

They are also one of the rare companies in wine PR who constantly surprise you with new, exciting and innovative ways to communicate about wine. What’s more each of their campaigns are not off the peg ideas, but completely personalised to the unique needs and challenges of individual clients.

All of which they capture in their brilliant PR and marketing talks which are as fresh, down to earth and and most of all as fun as the campaigns Judy and Ana create for their clients.


RICHARD SIDDLE |editor The Buyer

Even with a large team the results demonstrated by this company would have been praise-worthy, but for just two people to have achieved such an impact is deeply impressive. Between them, Judy Kendrick and Ana Sofia de Oliveira proactively devised a series of creative, highly strategic campaigns that over-delivered on a tight budget.

. . . This is a PR team that really understands the wine trade and what makes it tick

PATRICK SCHMIDT | the editor of The Drinks Business


The Road map seminar was an excellent way to start the fair – giving succinct information on the current status of the market. Interesting to get a wide breadth of experiences from on trade, off trade and producer perspectives. I learned more in an hour than in the last 3 months reading up on the UK wine market.


NICOLA BELSHAM, MURDOCH JAMES | Martinborough | New Zealand

(one of our Wines Unearthed exhibitors)